MARDI GRAS waist beads

MARDI GRAS waist beads

  • $12.00


{{ Made in Ghana in the traditional Ghanaian fashion. }}
{{ Listing is for ONE 47-inch strand of 2 millimeter waist beads }}
{{ Contact us for longer strands, custom colors, larger or wholesale orders. }}

One at a time, wrap the strand around your waist and find the perfect fit for your body. Many women like the beads to drape the midsection above the hips while others, find an area around the bikini line a more appealing location.

Make sure you're standing normally and feel comfortable (no sucking in!).

Once the right position is found, adjust the individual beads so that they are flush with one another and no string is exposed around the strand, double check your positioning, remove excess beads, triple tie the string ensuring each knot lands on the other, and clip any extra string. Voila! Now move onto the next strand...the placement of which should be positioned to your liking in relation to the ones you've already tied.


The wearing of waist beads is a long-standing African tradition as well as a modern practice. 

Waist beads discreetly adorn a woman’s midsection. The strands enhance a woman's natural shape and encourage positive body consciousness. Their location on the body inspires and expresses the wearer's inherent sensuality. 

When one gains weight, the beads tighten and rise. When weight is lost, they loosen and fall. This creates an awareness of one’s health and serves as a method of healthy weight maintenance. 

Traditionally, they are worn at different stages of a woman’s life and sometimes indicate their lineage, tribe, and/or clan. In more contemporary times it’s also said that the pattern, style, type, and colors of a woman’s beads are only known to her and her lover, creating a tantalizing secret between the two of them.

Many women wear 3+ bead, which makes choosing a personal color combination that's to the liking of you and/or your lover an even more enjoyable experience. 


There are variations in color, shape, and size. It is normal to find irregular sized beads and for the pattern to vary slightly. Our beads are sturdy, however they are made of glass and earthen clay, so please handle them with loving care.